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Is iMessage a big deal?

Apple's iOS5 iMessage app cuts into AT&T and Verizon profits

With the much anticipated launch of Apple's iOS5 on Wednesday, October 12th, iMessage will be available. What is iMessage? It is an integrated messaging service that will operate over Wi-Fi and 3G connections to send your text messages without using your carrier's messaging plan. The reason this is such a big deal, is that now users will gain many features in addition to free texting.
  1. You can see if the recipient has read your text. If you are avoiding someone that is bad news, but otherwise it is a great feature.
  2. You can see when the other person is typing. This will help those of us that are impatient. You know who you are :-)
  3. Did I mention it is free. I use an alternative free text app now, but will most definitely be converting to iMessage.
One warning is that according to Apple website, carrier text plan will be used when iMessage free service is not available. We will have to wait to see the app in action to completely understand this.

I can only imaging that AT&T and Verizon are not overly excited about this integration by Apple. There have been several free texting apps available for sometime, but none have come preloaded on the phone or operating system. Now they have. How long before Apple finds a way to exclude the phone providers completely?

So, are you excited about iMessage? Leave us a comment to help us all Get To Know iPhone4s and iOS5.

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