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I got 5% Cashback on my iPhone Purchase

When I preordered my iPhone 4S, I was wondering how I could find a way of saving money on the purchase. I know there are not any published discounts available for the Apple online store, so I tried to think of another way.
Did you know that Discover Card offers 5% Cash Back bonus to cardmembers? If you are ordering the new iPhone, an iPad, software, accessories, or any Apple product from, you can save.

     On a $299 purchase, you get $14.50 back in cash.
     On a $399 purchase, you get $19.95 back in cash.

Where else can you get a discount for buying straight from Apple?

Hit this link to apply for a Discover card if you are not already a Discover cardholder:
5% Cashback 125x125

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