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Date: 10/21/11
App Name: Hanging With Friends
Type:Game / Social

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Past App of The Day Information

Some of these apps might no longer be free, so be sure to read all the information on iTunes

Date: 10/12/11
App Name: Pandora Radio - Pandora Media, Inc.
Description: Personlized radio station based on Artists you like. This app will help you find other artists and music that is similiar to your likes.
Link:Get this free app - Pandora Radio

Date: 10/11/11
App Name: Twitter - Twitter, Inc.
Type: Social
Description: Connect with people around the world based on your interests. Tweet about your day, promotions you want to share, or keep your friends and family updated on your exciting vaction. Whatever the reason, Twitter is a great app.
Link:Get this free app - Twitter

Date: 10/10/11
App Name: Words With Friends Free - Newtoy Inc.
Type: Game
Description: This is a very addicting 2 player game based on scrabble.
Link: Get this free app - Words With Friends

Date: 10/9/11
App Name: Springpad
Type: Productivity
Description: Easily save ideas and information on the web, iPhone, or iPad.
Link: Get this free app - Springpad